Price List

The table below gives you a guide to the costs of hiring a marquee from High Peak Marquees. If you want us to help you decide what you want? Then call us for more details. To download the price list – price list.

Marquees4mMarquee (£)Wood Flooring (£)Matting (£)Carpet (£)Lining (£)
4m x 6m (24 Sq/m)180.0060.0027.6048.0060.00
4m x 9m (36 Sq/m)252.0090.0041.4072.0090.00
4m x 12m (48 Sq/m)336.00120.0055.2096.00120.00
4m x 15m (60 Sq/m)420.00150.0069.00120.00150.00
6m x 6m (36 Sq/m)216.0090.0041.4072.0090.00
6m x 9m (54 Sq/m)324.00135.0062.10108.00135.00
6m x 12m (72 Sq/m)432.00180.0082.80144.00180.00
6m x 15m (90 Sq/m)540.00225.00103.50180.00225.00
6m x 18m (108 Sq/m)648.00270.00124.20216.00270.00
6m x 21m (126 Sq/m)756.00315.00144.90252.00315.00
10m x 6m (60 Sq/m)330.00150.0069.00120.00150.00
10m x 9m (90 Sq/m)495.00225.00103.50180.00225.00
10m x 12m (120 Sq/m)660.00300.00138.00240.00300.00
10m x 15m (150 Sq/m)825.00375.00172.50300.00375.00
10m x 18m (180 Sq/m)990.00450.00207.00360.00450.00
10m x 21m (210 Sq/m)1,155.00525.00241.50420.00525.00
10m x 24m (240 Sq/m)1,320.00600.00276.00480.00600.00
10m x 27m (270 Sq/m)1,485.00675.00310.50540.00675.00
10m x 30m (300 Sq/m)1,650.00750.00345.00600.00750.00
12m x 9m (108 Sq/m)648.00270.00151.00232.00270.00
12m x 12m (144 Sq/m)864.00360.00201.00309.00360.00
12m x 15m (180 Sq/m)1080.00450.00252.00387.00450.00
12m x 18m (216 Sq/m)1296.00540.00302.00464.00540.00
12m x 21m (252 Sq/m)1512.00630.00352.00541.00630.00
12m x 24m (288 Sq/m)1728.00720.00403.00619.00720.00
12m x 27m (324 Sq/m)1944.00810.00453.00696.00810.00
12m x 30m (360 Sq/m)2160.00900.00504.00774.00900.00
12m x 33m (396 Sq/m)2376.00990.00554.00851.00990.00
12m x 36m (432 Sq/m)2592.001,080.00604.00928.001,080.00
Sundry ItemsItemCost (£)
Large Thermostatic & Heater Fuel170.00
Fire Extinguisher8.00
Coat Rail Hangers10.00
Aluminium Glazed Entrance Door90.00
Easel and Board10.00
Parquet Dance Floor sq/ft0.80
Black and White Dance Floor sq/ft0.90
2 Tier Chandeliers38.00
Single Tier Chandelier20.00
Up-lighter with coloured filter8.00
Six Bulb Globe Light25.00
Dimmer Control Panel20.00
Mains Distribution Box48.00
Stage Unit 8ft x 4ft0.80
Double Arched Window Walls 3m length20.00
Napkins (Various fabrics and Colour Choices) from0.50
Table Cloths (Various fabrics and Colour Choices) from5.00
Table 4’0” seats up to 66.00
Table 5’0” seats up to 87.50
Table 5’1/2” seats up to 108.00
Table 6’0” seats up to 128.50
Trestle Table 6’0” x 2’6” each4.00
Gold Banquet Chairs3.30
Coloured Banquet Chairs3.60
Gilt Chairs2.50
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