Marquee Hire Chesterfield

If you want Marquee Hire in Chesterfield, try High Peak Marquees first. We offer Marquee Hire in Chesterfield and the surrounding area. Marque Hire can be daunting so give us a call and let us guide you through the process. We’ll start by asking you the following questions which will help us find the right marquee and accessories for your needs.
  • What event are you planning? – Is it a luxury wedding, a corporate event, christening party or 21st birthday bash?
  • How many guests will be attending?
  • Is the event seated or standing only?
  • Do you require a dance floor or staging for a band?
High Peak Marquees are experienced in finding the right sized marquee for your event.  This means you get the best possible marquee hire in Chesterfield for your money! 

Not just Marquee Hire in Chesterfield

As well as Marquees we hire out the complete range of accessories for your marquee.    We have a range of furniture, a bar, toilets, specialist linings, chandeliers, and more, including colour co-ordinated tablecloths and napkins. Of course, you’ll need more than just a marquee and accessories.  We work with a variety of other suppliers – florists, balloon companies, glass hirers and catering companies.  We’re happy to recommend local companies who we’ve worked with to make your event go with a swing.

Sample “Shopping Lists”

below you’ll find examples of what you might need for your event.   Call us now, or email, and we can discuss your needs. Prices of all items are available here.
Luxury Wedding Party
 100 guests seated + dance floor
  • 10m x 21m Marquee
  • Rounded Marquee End
  • Grand Entrance Awning
  • Full Day Lining
  • Star Cloth Evening Ceiling Lining
  • 2 Tier Chandeliers
  • Full Wooden Floor
  • Parquet Dance Floor
  • Stage for a Band or D.J.
  • Gilt Banquet Chairs (100)
  • Top Tables
  • 5’ 0” Round Banqueting Tables (12)
  • Colour Matched Linen
  • Luxury Toilets
  • Bar Area
  • Announcement Board
  • Large Thermostatic Heater & Fuel
Corporate Event – Cocktail Evening
 100 guests seated and standing + dance floor
  • 10m x 21m Marquee
  • Star Cloth Lining
  • Carpet
  • Black and White Dance Floor
  • Stage for Band
  • Glitter Balls
  • Silver Banquet Chairs (100)
  • 6’0” Round Banqueting Tables (10)
  • Matching linen
  • Aluminium Glazed Entrance Doors
  • Coat Rail
  • Bar Area
  • Mobile Toilets
21st Birthday Bash on a Budget
 60 guests standing with some seating provided
  • 10m x 12m Marquee
  • Matting
  • Dance floor
  • Stage for Band / D.J.
  • 3 x Trestle Table
  • 20 x Chairs
  • Dimmer Control Panel
  • Uplighter with Coloured Filter
These are just some of the elements make your event completely personalised and unique. These lists are only meant as a guide to help you visualise your event, anything can be taken out or added in exactly as you desire. High Peak Marquee Hire in Chesterfield – Make it your own.
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